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Technical Training

FCDE’s approach to technical training derives from the belief that effective community development must initiate from and be led by local voices. When an organization partners with FCDE, one of the first steps is to go through a rigorous institutional self assessment process. The self-assessment tool helps us to better understand a partner organization’s goals and objectives, its strengths and weaknesses and identifies what the organization perceives as obstacles to its success. FCDE’s technical training program builds off of these self-identified needs to create a unique capacity building program tailored expressly for each partner allowing them to define what they want to accomplish and how to enhance their programmatic activities to more effectively serve their communities.

Training is conducted in areas ranging from agriculture to social policy reform and from NGO management to small business development. Training programs are designed specifically to meet the needs of the participants, their communities, and their institutions, combining technical instruction with a strong emphasis on practical experience including professional meetings, on-site observation, and action planning ultimately leading to sustainability.