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Locally Led Development

“Successful local development requires having a local champion that can rally different stakeholders around a common cause and can manage tensions that may arise from the local development process” (UNDP)"

FCDE realizes that INGOs (international non-governmental organizations) require this embedded knowledge and established local networks that communities can mobilize on the ground. Our partnerships reflect a sense of reciprocity and trust as we help build local organizational and leadership capacity while learning from communities’ experiences. We hire people that have long-term experience and investment in our target communities, implement peer-based models for skills transfer, and work with a range of local grassroots organizations to build their capacity for effective service provision.

In-country Site Team: Typically, a three-person staff runs the local FCDE offices, with a host country national holding the lead position as Program Director. To bring diverse development experience and organizational best practices to the team, one staff position is filled with a professional from outside of the host country with an international development background. The third position is usually held by a member of the community who is starting his/her career in the development field and wants to gain hands-on experience while sharing his/her knowledge of local issues and needs with FCDE staff.

Peer-based info exchange: Local professionals use a peer-based approach to capacity building and build trust and rapport between staff and the community by ensuring that the goals of the community are reflected in the organization’s activities. Involving local expertise in trainings and workshops increases legitimacy and creates a forum to promote sincere dialogue about issues and solutions. Leaders in the communities, local organizations, and beneficiaries all have a multitude of skills and knowledge that can further community action toward identified priorities and goals. We aim to connect people who know with people who want to learn.