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Project Focus Area – Social Justice

The failure to actively pursue justice is not without consequences. From the comprehensive global perspective shaped by the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, neglect of the pursuit of social justice in all its dimensions translates into de facto acceptance of a future marred by violence, repression and chaos.
-The Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA)

Rights-based development contests impunity and defies corruption through the expansion of justice, the protection of individuals and groups, and the building of community capacity. This approach is comprehensive with notions of dignity and the regulation of power coupled with sound community development practices that address basic needs such as food security, housing, primary health care, and education. The rights-based approach gains a wider perspective on social struggles in development because it addresses these root causes and is built on legal foundations with community participation as a core component. The pursuit of social justice requires the active participation of communities, NGOs, and governmental agencies. While apolitical, FCDE will provide expertise in the form of trainings, interns, and fund development to assist local organizations in their advocacy for positive change promoting tolerance, diversity and collective rights. Social justice is the link between FCDE’s key development arenas – access to education, healthcare, environmental protection, economic opportunities, and gender equality – and paramount to the pursuit of international equity.