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FCDE - Support Community Development | Donation

Choose a specific project that you want to help succeed.
Volunteer your time and expertise with an internship.
Talk with us about other ways you could support us.

People living in the world’s impoverished places face many challenges. Grinding poverty, poor health, and a lack of access to resources, education or a voice all play a part in the cycle of inequity. Charity non-profits have filled some immediate needs but longer-term development is desperately needed.

Our organization was created with the clear vision of finding ways to help developing world communities work their way out of this cycle. But we know that no matter how efficient our approach, how well motivated and trained our staff, or how involved our partner organizations, we still need your support.

We work with a wide breadth of African non-profit organizations focused on issues key to community development. We enhance projects and approaches initiated by local African organizations to provide more efficient tools to carry out activities and to create networks to strengthen the environment for sustained development. We help develop the capacity of organizations to increase the sustainability of local efforts and empower our host communities to best address their identified issues and beneficiary needs.

You can help non-profit organizations move past charity in many ways. You can:

  • Directly support our work with a financial donation
  • Choose a specific project that you want to help succeed
  • Volunteer your time and expertise through an Isla internship with one of our partner organizations
  • Talk with us about other ways you could support our work

Your help is truly appreciated.

FCDE is a 501 (c) 3 organization and as such financial and in-kind contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.