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FCDE’s Partners in International Development

In addition to our many local partners, FCDE also establishes key relationships with international development organizations and funders. These relationships provide access to information and resources often not available from other sources. They also ensure we continue to facilitate rather than lead development.

Foundation Support

We want to thank and recognize the support of the Segal Family Foundation. In addition to financial support, the Segal Family Foundation provides resources that encourage collaboration and continuing education.

We also want to thank Global Health Corps for providing FCDE two outstanding GHC Fellows each year. Our GHC Fellows are embedded with our site teams working on such tasks as monitoring and evaluation, communications, advocacy, and support of our local partner organizations in the Kasese and Rukungiri districts.

Our FCDE Rukungiri office is honored to host a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer who supports our FCDE operations and local partner organizations in the Rukungiri district.

Corporate Supporters

FCDE, like so many smaller non-profits, consistently works to find like-minded people and organizations to help fund our development work. Consistent, appropriate funding can make huge differences. We want to thank and properly recognize the organizations and people that have helped FCDE through its start-up phase.

In the spotlight: SP Holdings

SP Holdings has made a significant, ongoing commitment to FCDE’s work. This commitment has enabled our organization to move through its start-up phase and to begin our programmatic work.

From the beginning, SP Holdings has challenged our organization to think about our community development work and its impact from multiple stakeholders' perspectives. Conversations with the leadership team at SP Holdings and with many others have helped us refine our monitoring and evaluation system to provide clear empirical information that tells a story about the impact of FCDE’s work within our partner communities.

SP Holdings has shown itself to be among those corporate donors that not only want to donate to good causes, but also demonstrate an interest in learning about the field of community development and how it can change lives. Through our work together, FCDE has helped SP holdings identify specific outcomes they are interested in helping to achieve. By engaging in this way we feel we have developed a productive and mutually beneficial partnership.

Through the use of matching grants, SP Holding has generously offered to help FCDE continue to attract new partners and support. If you are interested in finding out how you can leverage your donation to FCDE through SP Holding’s matching grant offer, please contact our CEO Eric Younger.