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FCDE Staff

Kathy Lynch

Executive Director

Kathy works at the intersection of education, international development, and social entrepreneurship, blending her skills and experience to generate sustainable long-term development. Kathy's international education experience includes study in Ireland, Germany, and the UK, all of which have informed her work in education abroad management positions at the University of Kentucky and Colorado State University. Her experience with sustainable international development began when she served in the Peace Corps in Mali. For two years, she lived in the village of N’Kourala in southern Mali where she worked in the agriculture sector, integrating her support of food production with water, forestry, and health sector programs to advance community development through Peace Corps’ African Food Systems Initiative (AFSI). Through a World Bank ruralization program, Kathy introduced agricultural and appropriate technology techniques to elementary and high school students which led to the inclusion of women and farmers in the innovative agriculture and health programs offered at the school.

After Peace Corps, Kathy worked on the Cochran Fellowship Program’s Poland and Hungary desk at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.C. She coordinated in-country adult education programs and U.S. study-tours targeted to private agribusiness professionals, bankers, farmers, cooperatives, and other clients focused on the business skills necessary to work effectively in the new market economy. Next, she served as the Country Director of ACDI/VOCA’s Agribusiness Exchange Program, resident in Warsaw, Poland. As her family began to expand, Kathy shifted gears and earned her certification as a Montessori teacher. She went on to serve in a variety of positions, including teacher, mentor, board member, and eventually Director - with schools in Bulgaria, Kosovo, and the United States.

In 2007, Kathy founded Isla, marrying her interests in education and international development. Over a two-year period, she steered Isla towards a merger with FCDE, expanding both the learning and development outcomes. She is delighted to return to this work and to provide leadership and growth at an important stage of the organization’s evolution. Kathy holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland and an international teaching diploma from Montessori Center International in London, U.K. You may reach Kathy at

Rebecca Raymond

International Program Director

Rebecca has more than 12 years of experience working in youth and community development, most recently as the US Program Director for the Asante Africa Foundation in Kenya and Tanzania and as the Director of the Indian Education Center at the American Indian Child Resource Center (AICRC) in Oakland, California. She has developed a robust understanding of issues and community needs across nonprofit and development sectors: As a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Kingdom of Tonga, in the Native community in Oakland, and with local CBOs (community based organizations) in Kenya and Uganda, she facilitated needs assessments in communities, convened focus groups, researched best practices in the field, and utilized findings to create comprehensive, multi-faceted programs to address community-identified needs and solutions.

She has successfully written funding proposals at local, state, and federal levels and served as a technical trainer producing educational materials and procedural guidelines for the United States Peace Corps, Asante Africa staff, FSD in-country teams, and AICRC youth workers. Her education and clinical training includes master’s degrees in Counseling Psychology and International Social Development, both of which have focused on cultivating meaningful partnerships across organizations and cultures. Rebecca may be reached at

Aulone Kadriu

Program Coordinator

Aulone has a Bachelor’s degree in political science and is currently enrolled in a Master’s degree program in international politics at the University of Prishtina, Kosovo. Aulonë started volunteering at a young age for organizations in Kosovo whose focus is on civil society. As the Peer Care project coordinator for Peer Educator’s Network (PEN), a local NGO in Prishtina, Aulonë was responsible for outreach to youth from rural areas and non-majority groups regarding HIV/AIDS awareness, sexual health and family planning, and gender-based violence. Through her work, she created and empowered a large network of volunteers to become positive change agents in their communities. Moreover, Aulonë worked as an advocate of sexual health education in the local school curricula.

Aulone also has experience as a web platform and social media moderator in a project that engaged youth in the political and electoral processes in Kosovo. Prior to joining FCDE, she worked at Career Academy Kosovo, where she provided guidance to young Kosovars regarding their career goals and advice on successfully completing international university and job applications.

Aulonë’s interest in gender equality, healthy lifestyles, and society’s well being, with a special emphasis on minority communities, drives her work and keeps her always motivated. She wants to be a part of building an inclusive society where diversity is embraced as a core value. As a long-time peer educator she insists that knowledge should never be isolated, because as she says “our knowledge and skills are only meaningful when shared with others and when utilized for our society’s well-being”. In addition to Aulonë’s passion for work, she loves reading, drawing portraits, swimming, and writing poetry. She has been part of many international conferences and trainings and meeting new people and exploring new cultures are among her favorite activities. Aulone may be reached at

Mrika Mulliqi

Marketing and Sales

Mrika was born and raised in Kosovo. In addition to her work at FCDE, Mrika is studying applied economics and business managment at the University of Prishtina, Kosovo. Mrika is eager to engage in activities that aim to empower small businesses, startups, and innovational ideas generated by young people.

Mrika began her activism at young age as a volunteer and developed a passion for work in youth development. One of her most rewarding volunteer experiences was her fundraising work for SOS Children’s Village in Kosovo. In addition, Mrika's work as a Sales Representative with Britannica ELT, one of the most notable languages schools in Kosovo, gave her the opportunity to have an impact on young Kosovar's understand of multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusiveness. Mrika joined FCDE to share her professional experience and develop professionally towards the organization's mission of empowering communities to maximize economic, social, and environmental opportunities in order to reduce poverty and injustice. Outside work she enjoys painting, reading books, and hiking. She speaks Albanian, English and elementary level Italian. You may reach Mrika at

FCDE Kasese, Uganda

Sylvia Kabugho

Program Director

large_Sylvia_0_0.jpgSylvia holds a B.A (Honors) degree in Education. She has 10 years of work experience with community development projects in rural and urban settings in Uganda. Sylvia joined FCDE in our Kasese office in 2011 and served as the Program Coordinator. Sylvia opened our FCDE Rukungiri office in 2014 and returns to Kasese in 2017 to serve as the Program Director. Sylvia has been instrumental in the assessment and capacity building of the 24 local partner organizations supported by FCDE in Kasese district. She has been active in supporting the partners through institutional self-assessments, workshops and trainings, one-on-one support, fundraising, strategic planning, organizational development systems and internships. This has enabled the partner organizations to improve the quality of services they provide, increase their service areas, access more funds to support program implementation and use organization tools for efficacy.

Prior to joining FCDE, Sylvia worked with Samaritans Purse International Relief‘s Prescription for Hope as an area Program Supervisor and later as a Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator in Kamwenge District for MET (mobilizing, equipping, and training) program in Kamwenge. Sylvia also worked with USAID/Strengthening Democratic Linkages in Uganda (LINKAGES) Project as a Program officer. The LINKAGES project aimed at strengthening the relationship between Parliament, local governments and civil society organizations. Sylvia was central in coordinating the Review of the Uganda Police Force under the LINKAGES project.

Sylvia undertakes the responsibility of Program Director for our Kasese site with strong skills in leadership, organizational development, resource mobilization and strategic planning. She looks forward to continuing to contribute to inclusive sustainable development in Kasese through empowering grassroots organizations. Sylvia can be reached at

Wilfred Baluku

Program Coordinator

Wilfred holds a Bachelor degree in development studies and has received certificates in project planning and management, public administration and computer applications. Prior to joining FCDE in 2015, Wilfred volunteered with Community Peace Volunteers and Rwenzori Development Foundation and has developed practical basic skills, knowledge and hands-on working experience for over three years in the field of community development in Uganda. Wilfred’s specialty skills include interpersonal relations, communications, community mobilization, counseling, facilitation, problem and conflict resolution, monitoring and evaluation, proposal and report writing, working with communities in hard to reach areas, working with vulnerable groups, time management, advocacy and lobbying, negotiations, data collection, financial management, networking with different structures, and customer care services.

Wilfred was very influential in mobilizing communities in Kasese district towards collective community response to HIV/AIDS prevention, child care, nutrition and women’s empowerment, community health education, peer educator training, empowering village health teams with skills and knowledge related to HIV/AIDS, nutrition, VSLA (Village Savings and Loan Association) methodology and IGAs (intergovernmental agreements). His mission in life is to help people make a positive change in their own communities. Wilford looks forward towards empowering and contributing to the sustainable development of NGOs and CBOs (community-based organizations) in Uganda through his work with FCDE. Wilfred can be reached at

Robert Baluku

Resource Center Manager

Robert holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Information Technology. His career objective is to equip local institutions and non-governmental organizations with skills and knowledge in information communication technology. He has three years working experience in the field of community development in Uganda. Prior to joining FCDE, Robert worked as a Project Secretary and Data Entry Officer on a joint research project by DANIDA in partnership with Uganda Non-Communicable Disease Alliance (UNCDA). He was in charge of data entry and management of logistics on the 12-month regional baseline survey on Risk factors for Non-Communicable Diseases (cancer, diabetes, and heart disease) in Kasese District in 2011. He was also a data enumerator and entrant on eight major surveys conducted by Save the Children in the Western Region of Uganda. Robert worked as a Volunteer Information Communication Officer with South Rwenzori Diocese, Kasese District. He volunteered as a Peer Educator with Program for Accessible Health Communication and Education (PACE) Uganda. Robert currently works as a Resource Centre Monitor (RCM) with the Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment (FCDE), a position he has held since 2014. Robert is looking forward to contributing towards empowering local partner organizations to increase their use of information communication technologies for sustainable communication and development. Contact Robert at

Patrick Okwir

Global Health Corps Fellow - Project Officer, Monitoring and Evaluation & Grants

Patrick Okwir is a native of Otuke, Uganda and is a graduate of Makerere University with a degree in Public Health. Patrick worked as a regional cold-chain coordinator at the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI Uganda), served as an epidemiologist in Guinea under the African Union ASEOWA mission, and was the Community Health Manager at the Agency for Accelerated Regional Development (AFARD). In 2013, together with the Finance and Primary Health Care Ministers, organized and chaired the Uganda Country Caucus at the Third Women Deliver Global Conference in Malaysia.

Before joining FCDE, Patrick worked as the Community Health Manager at the Agency for Accelerated Regional Development (AFARD) Nebbi, a regional grassroots professional NGO in West Nile where he led the establishment of a $300,000 community micro-health insurance scheme that has inspired access to anti-retroviral therapy for HIV positive orphans and pregnant women. With a background in community health, he also led the implementation of a nine country SNV’s Sustainable Sanitation and Hygiene for All program which reached out to over 138,000 people (69,500 Women) to attain Open Defecation Free (ODF) in two Districts.

Patrick is passionate about HIV/AIDs among infants, global health informatics, reproductive and community health, global health determinants of population health, and the invaluable outcomes that data science as beneficial intelligence contributes to global health. You may reach Patrick at

Isabelle Charles

Global Health Corps Fellow - Project Officer, Communications, Marketing, & Advocacy

Isabelle was born and raised in the state of California, U.S.A. She has a bachelor’s degree in international relations with a focus in health promotion and global health. Prior to joining FCDE, she worked at the American Red Cross as Coordinator of International Services and Service to the Armed Forces, where she focused on creating resiliency within refugee and immigrant communities, educating the public about international humanitarian law, and creating human trafficking identification and reporting trainings for Red Cross staff. In addition, Isabelle spent time on the Thailand/Myanmar border working with children who had been rescued from human trafficking. She taught nutrition and good hand washing habits. Isabelle also has experience with nutritional programs, youth development, and youth behavioral health education. Isabelle’s greatest passions lie in supporting and protecting the health of vulnerable children. Outside of work, she enjoys the outdoors, particularly trail running, hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking. She also enjoys reading, doing yoga, and being around animals. Isabelle can be reached at

Robert Mubunga

Finance and Administrative Assistant

Robert grew up in the Kasese district. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, specializing in accounting and finance. Prior to joining FCDE, Robert worked with Caritas Kasese as a project accountant. His project with Caritas strengthened local governance in natural resources management in partnership with CARE International. Robert also worked as a data collection with Save the Children in Uganda. Robert sees himself as very adaptive and enjoys learning from his colleagues. Robert enjoys sports, watching music, dancing and outings during my leisure time. He can be reached at

Juliet Muhindo

Community Program Volunteer

Juliet has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Social Administration. Prior to joining FCDE, she worked with the Foundation for Urban and Rural Advancement (FURA) for four years as a project officer for community empowerment, climate change adaptation in agriculture, and accountability, where she focused on giving technical support to the field workers during monitor field visits, documentation, reporting, and providing feedback. She has also worked as a part time data entrant with Save the Children International and as an enumerator with the Bureau of Statistics, where she participated in data collection, entry, and analysis during a Uganda National Census exercise.

Juliet has attended several trainings, including in village savings and loans association by Care International, financial literacy by Barclays Bank, and management and supervisory skills by the Federation for Ugandan Employees. She has great interpersonal skills, basic computer skills, and mobilization, planning, and communication skill. Her activities of social interest are community work, volunteerism, reading for knowledge enhancement, discovering new opportunities, reading the news, and watching documentaries. Through her work with FCDE, she aims to empower our local partner organizations and contribute to their sustainable development in Uganda.

Bernard Muhanuzi

Office Attendant

Bernard Muhanuzi was born and raised in Kasese, Uganda. He graduated from Mitande High School and went on to get his catering certificate at Salacka, a trade school in Kasese, which he received in 2011. Immediately after receiving his catering certificate, Bernard joined the FCDE team. He ensures that all the FCDE Kasese staff are well-fed, happy, and comfortable every day of the work week! In his free time,

Bernard enjoys watching football and cheering for Chelsea United, listening to music, and doing business at his local retail shop in Kasese Town.

FCDE Rukungiri, Uganda

Patience Ampumuza

Program Director

Patience, a native of Rukungiri, holds a bachelor's in social work and social administration from Uganda Christian University-Bishop Barham Campus. She also has a post-graduate diploma in project planning and management from the Uganda Management Institute. Patience has additional training in administrative law from the Law Development Centre; leadership development training from SUNRISE; and guidance counseling, life skills and facilitation training from CARE International.

Patience’s career objective is transforming lives in vulnerable communities through capacity building. She has over 5 years of practical experience in community development projects. Prior to joining FCDE, Patience worked for USAID-Sustainable Comprehensive Responses for Orphans and other Vulnerable Children (SCORE) in Rukungiri. She also worked as a volunteer with Compassion Assisted Projects under North Kigezi Diocese and Kisiizi Hope Ministries. These work placements provided an opportunity to widen her knowledge and skills. She is a flexible social worker with strong communication, networking, interpersonal and team building skills.

Patience joins FCDE to utilize her different skills, knowledge and attributes to empower grassroots organizations to effectively champion sustainable development in the communities where they operate. You may reach Patience at

Esther Nahabwe

Resource Center Manager

Esther Nahabwe holds a Bachelor Degree in Social Work and Social Administration (BSWSA) and a certificate of gender, pre-counseling and charity activities. She worked with the Probation and Social Welfare Office at Rukungiri District Local Government and Agape Nyakibale for Orphans and Vulnerable Children and People with Disabilities as an intern. Through the internship Esther was engaged in community-based mobilization, workshop facilitation, counseling, and monitoring & evaluating of community based projects. Esther is computer literate and knowledgeable on human rights approach for programming. She is so excited to be part of the team that is empowering local organizations in Rukungiri District for sustainable community development. You may reach Esther at

Judith Fleming

U.S Peace Corps Volunteer - Community Agribusiness Specialist

Judith received a BA in social studies and education from Edgewood College, Madison, Wisconsin and her MBA from Clark University, Worcester Massachusetts. She has over twenty years in leadership roles at Allmerica Financial as Vice President of Corporate Services and Human Resources, responsible for all aspects of HR including employment, employee relations, payroll and benefits, and incentive compensation plans. She managed a court ordered $40 million class action litigation on insurance sales practices.

Judith was also Adjunct Faculty for over twenty years at Assumption College, where she designed and delivered both undergraduate and graduate courses in business and management. She received the President’s Award and was named outstanding teacher by the Division of Continuing Education.

Judith has always been involved at the community level and served as board member, volunteer and fundraiser for Girls, Inc.; was an annual campaign manager and fundraiser for United Way of Central Mass.; and served formerly in the Peace Corps in Tonga and Western Samoa. You may reach Judith at

Rose Kampire

Community Program Volunteer

Rose Kampire is in her final year of study and is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in social work and social administration at Bishop Stuart University. She joined FCDE as an intern supporting staff and FCDE partners in different areas of capacity building and workshop facilitation. Rose has also worked with Rukungiri district network of people living with HIV/AIDS during her internship as a mobilizer. Rose loves to see community as healthy, productive, and economically empowered. Rose is computer literate and has good interpersonal skills and very much pleased to be part of the FCDE team.

Byaruhanga Rogers

Office Attendant

Byaruhanga Rogers is a S.4 graduate from Simba Kings College and has worked with hotels in Rukungiri as cook and inPride Microfinance savings bank as an office attendant.
With an experience from different places he has worked in, Rodgers joins FCDE Rukungiri Site ready to share the knowledge and skills and what he does best that he attained from different working institutions for the growth and development of FCDE. He looks forward to learning a lot from FCDE.