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Mission and Vision

Our Mission

FCDE builds local capacity to lead community change in rural East Africa.

Our Vision

Our vision is that local, grassroots organizations will be thriving and sustainable, working together to successfully eradicate poverty and injustice in their communities.

Our Guiding Values

  • Local communities should be the driving forces for their own social and economic development
  • Stability grows out of grassroots participation and inclusion
  • Capacity building and empowerment are key principles of sustainable development
  • Ensuring that women have a voice and equal access to community resources increases the likelihood of successful community development efforts
  • Marginalized people must be provided a space in the community development process
  • Leading by example supports community development efforts in fundamentally important ways
  • Working with multiple stakeholders increases communication and support for a community's development projects
  • Integrating appropriate technologies increases the likelihood of cost-effective sustainable projects
  • Involving youth ensures that long-term community development initiatives have stronger roots