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Message from the Founder & Board Chair

After fifteen years of working in the field of international and rural community development, I experienced one of those rare moments where everything seemed to fall into place. I have been fortunate to have worked with and to have led a handful of development organizations ranging from community-based projects on the Navajo Reservation to the administration of the Peace Corps in Bulgaria. Each experience provided me with deeper understanding of the extreme challenges faced by disparate communities here in the U.S. and abroad. I found that poverty and hardship do not have a single appearance, a single issue or a single point of origin. I also found that each program I worked with had unique and effective approaches to addressing the complex issues associated with oppression, adversity and intolerance which so many communities face throughout the world.

My moment of insight came when I realized that I needed to find a comprehensive way to address these multifaceted challenges in a manner that made sense to me: The Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment (FCDE) is a collaboration of friends, co-workers and leaders in the field of international development. We have structured the organization to best take advantage of and use what we have learned, what we have seen work effectively and what we passionately feel has to be done. This group has already made a meaningful impact in the field of sustainable development through their own work. We look forward as FCDE continues to build upon our efforts and embrace others as we grow and develop.

I hope that as you read more about the way FCDE strives to address global challenges, you will feel our passion and understand our approach. I hope that it will motivate you to find a way to personally engage with such issues as inequity, entrenched poverty, unequal distribution of power, and the environment. I hope you will join us through direct service, through donating, through information dissemination or your own creative ways to support our efforts. I look forward to meeting, talking and working with you as we make a positive impact within our world.

Eric Younger
Founder, FCDE